Senior Decision Day

Our first graduating class holds a special place in the hearts of the Inwood Academy community. Our middle school and high school students and faculty joined together to celebrate the Class of 2018 on their Senior Decision Day and it was priceless.

We started the day at our middle school. It was so moving to see our young fifth grade scholars shouting with joy to celebrate our seniors. As we headed out to the high school we witnessed the Inwood community celebrate our students as they marched along 207th Street. It was humbling to see the countless members of our community stop to congratulate our students and take pictures of them as they walked together. Our ninth through eleventh grade students were thankful to have the seniors in their classes, sharing their experience, giving advice on how to succeed in high school and sharing their most cherished memories of Inwood Academy. There were even a few tears shed.


Senior Decision Day is a new tradition for Inwood Academy as we hope that every graduating class looks forward to and cherishes it, like just the Class of 2018 did on May 30th.

We chose to make this day about the decisions that our students make. Making choices and decisions are a part of life. We hope that they have practiced the art of decision-making through their experience at Inwood Academy and have more skills to help them make better decisions. Contemplating something different, as our students begin their post-secondary education or career, required them to make many decisions along the way to get them where they are and where they want to be.

From Oswego State University to Swarthmore College – Inwood Academy’s first graduating class are attending many different city, state, and national universities.

I’ve had the honor to know most of these graduates since they joined Inwood Academy in the fifth grade. I was their mentor, coach and advisor and the relationships I formed will continue through the matriculation and graduation from college. It’s the goal of Inwood Academy to help ensure our students succeed after high school so we are expanding our college advising program to mentor and support our students through college. You’ll be hearing about our graduates in the coming months and years! Stay tuned.

Anything is Possible

We tell our students that anything is possible and we bring mentors, like Arel Moodie, into our school who can reinforce what we teach. We do this to help students build self-confidence. Arel Moodie teaches young people that anything is possible. He spoke to our high school students about how to succeed in college through leadership and effort. Arel grew up on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, NY where he witnessed those around him being murdered and imprisoned. He is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who built a million dollar company before he turned the age of 30.


Arel Moodie’s message of “effort is everything” in his talk to our students had also, I believe, impacted our staff. It was a reminder that where we are today happened not by chance but rather by the hard work we put in to be successful. As an educator, it is vital that we model what it looks like to work hard and consistently remind students of the importance of effort.

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In my new role as a College and Career Success (CCS) Counselor, I use “effort” and “working hard” more than any other words when talking with students. Our CCS department has to embody and stress effort in order to guarantee that our students are successful beyond our school walls. One day, it is our hope that they, too, will model this behavior and share with others that hard work and effort enabled them to meet their goals and reach their dreams.