What are TED talks?

I am always in search of inspirational stories and videos to share with my kids because they are inquisitive, full of creative ideas, and interested in new technology. If you’re in a similar situation, TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a great source for inspirational videos with some of the most fascinating people in the world who are challenging others to think about an aspect of your life in a different way.

There are more than 1,000 TED Talk videos, but don’t despair the Talks from Inspiring Teachers and 9 Talks by Impressive Kids series are a great introduction to what you will find on the TED.com website. The videos average approximately 10 minutes and are usually less than 20 minutes long. Take a few minutes to explore the website. I’m confident you will find a topic that will peak your interest and hopefully your children, too.

By Noemi Macias, Inwood Academy Parent

The Gem of Schools in Manhattan: A Parent Testimony

Excerpt from the charter renewal hearing on September 30, 2014

My name is Bryan Davis and my son Austin attended Inwood Academy for Leadership for the past 4 years.

For five years I served as the Vice President of Community Education Council District 6 (CEC6).  I can say that during my time on the CEC I saw the need the district had for a great middle school to serve the needs of our English language learners (ELL) and high needs students. In fact, if I remember correctly the council voted unanimously in favor of the school (Inwood Academy).

When I voted for the school I had no idea that my son would end up attending the school.  After a search of schools we determined Inwood Academy was the best fit for our son. We are very pleased with the education Austin received. We are confident it was the excellent teachers and staff who prepared him. He is now a freshman at High School for Math Science and Engineering (one of the nine specialized high schools in New York City).

We are especially pleased with the quality of the special education services he received. The school always went above and beyond to ensure the Individualized Education Plan was being met and that we were satisfied with the services he received.

In addition, we were pleased with the quality of the art and music programs the school offered. Our son’s love for art blossomed during his years at Inwood Academy. He also received an offer from La Guardia High School for art. We credit that to the great art teachers he had.

We believe the vertically and horizontally aligned curriculum, the dedication and excellence of the teaching staff, the strong parent support, and the schools passionate and dedicated leadership, are the reasons why our son received a great education during his four years at Inwood Academy.

I can tell you from my many years serving on the CEC6 and observing the quality of the district’s schools, Inwood Academy is the best middle school in the district, and is the GEM of schools in Manhattan.  No other school in the district does a better job of taking kids from all different levels and moving them so that they are prepared for high school and eventually college.  I strongly recommend that the Department of Education renew the schools charter and work with the school to ensure it has the space it needs to serve the students of district 6.

Bryan G. Davis, Parent

Executive Director

Parents Making a Difference



Inwood Middle: Before, During and After

Inwood Middle


Inwood Academy for Leadership’s Middle School building has experienced some serious change from July to now.  Below are some links to pictures that will take you through the journey of its renovation.

Inwood Middle Transformation Pictures:
July – https://flic.kr/s/aHsk34ZTyB
August – https://flic.kr/s/aHsk3RYUzn
September- https://flic.kr/s/aHsk3SggHy

Pictures taken by Elizabeth Castro