I’m Taking My Talents…to Inwood

During the summer, Inwood Academy for Leadership made #thedecision to add needed talent to the staff roster.  We reached out to Lebron James and Kevin Love, but we couldn’t match their offers.  However, we found the right people with the desired experience despite not being able to dunk a basketball.

Here are the fab four:

  • Denise Canniff, Development Manager. Denise worked at the New York Public Library last year and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for thirteen years, where she developed programs to increase the number of supporters for these institutions. She raised a son and daughter in the city—both of her children are now in college—and lives in Washington Heights.
  • Taylor Evans Bernal, Director of Talent Management. Taylor was formerly employed at Manhattan Charter Schools on the Lower East Side. She joined IAL with the desire to perfect her craft in human resources and work closer to home so that she could spend more time with her family.
  • Angelo Ortiz, Director of School Culture. Angelo worked at Inwood Community Services for the last twenty years to bring quality youth programs and preventative services to Inwood. He will work closely with the Inwood High School and Inwood Middle School Deans along with the College and Career Counselors.  Angelo joined IAL so that he could work more closely with students and families of the community he loves so much.
  • Erica Reyes, Director of Operations and Finance. Erica was formerly employed at Gap Inc. for 13 years, spending the last 10 as store manager for the highest volume store in NYC’s North Market. She spent much of her time leading the store team in meeting sales goals, customer service targets, and Operating and Human Resources objectives through execution, coaching and accountability.

David Boehm, former Director of Operations and Finance, is transitioning into the Director of Instructional Technology at Inwood High School where he will fully utilize his passion for technology.

By Christian Guerrero, christian.guerrero@inwoodacademy.org, @inwoodacademy

One thought on “I’m Taking My Talents…to Inwood

  1. I’m honored to be joining the team! It’s an exciting time for IAL with the opening if a new middle school building and the start of it’s first high school class. I’m blessed to have this opportunity to contribute 🙂


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